7 Gentle Ways to Detox

Hello Healie Friends 🙂

I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes through stages when my mind is drained, my body aches and when energy levels close to zero – and I know it’s probably time for a body detox!
Detoxification basically means cleansing your cells through eliminating impurities from the blood in the liver, through kidneys, lungs, intestines, lymph and skin.

It can lead to you having clearer skin, a sharper mind, your energy revitalized, a stronger immune system, and feeling healthy inside out.

But which plan do you choose? There are literally thousands of detox programmes, diets, sachets, pills, juices, supplements and more out there at the moment, all claiming to help you detox and promising the best results – it can be a bit daunting if you don’t know where to start.

So, if you’re not sure, or just want a gentle introduction, then I suggest you forget the pills and potions for now and just start simple:


1. Reduction

First, you have to reduce toxins in your body. Try to cut down on the following: cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, eating foods with saturated fats and refined sugars (cola and ketchup contains a lot) – these acts as toxins in your body and as a hindrance to your healing development.


2. Chemicals and lotions

Be aware of what you put on or near your body, as your skin absorbs chemicals which could be toxic to your system. Consider the household cleaners you’re using (and wear gloves), and limit the amount of body moisturiser you lather on (unless it’s all natural, like an oil)


3. Skin Brushing


One of my go-to products every day is my bristle body brush. Whether you opt for one with a long handle, or just a small hand-sized version, dry body brushing is an effective way to get your lymph system active. It removes old skin cells, stimulates the lymph system and draws out toxins through the skin. A dry skin brush made of soft vegetable bristles should be used – before taking a shower, lightly brush from your feet upwards in circular motion towards the chest area for a minute or two. Always brush towards your heart.


4. Inclusion

Don’t just focus on what to remove from your diet, but what to include as well. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables should become the foundations of your diet.


5. Lemon water

Try to star each day with a hot cup of water with fresh lemon slices in it. Lemons have a number of huge advantages for your immune and digestive systems – read more here 🙂


6. Sauna


The sauna is widely used by many cultures as a regular part of detox. It is a great method of removing chemicals buildups in fat cells. But, don’t just sit in the sauna and hope to solve all your problems! You’ll need to combine a sauna with a good diet and exercise, which leads me to….


7. Yoga


Through breathing exercises, and the fluid movements of yoga, the bloodstream thoroughly oxygenates and thus gives energy and improves the body’s physical process. Different positions lightly massage the internal organs and stimulate them to slowly discharge toxins. If you’re not a fan of yoga, you could also try Pilates or Tai Chi, which also encourage a focus on flow of movement and on breathing techniques.


Any or all of these cleansing methods are simple yet gentle guides on how to improve your health. I’ll be talking about them in more depth in upcoming articles, but at least for now, these give an idea of where you can start your detox process without going to extremes.

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