Citrus Saviours

Bubbles forming in blue water after lime is dropped into it.

Following on from the  ‘you must drink 2 litres of water’ mantra, it doesn’t have to always be plain water you’re guzzling down.

On the contrary, a little lemon or lime thrown into the mix has a heap of helpful advantages for cleansing your system. These 2 delicious & refreshing fruits share a lot of common benefits, so it’s really down to which one you prefer the taste of…


Both lemon and lime juice act in a similar way to our own natural digestive enzymes. So, by introducing them into your diet they can help digest food whilst also aiding any uncomfortable bloating or heartburn you may have. A few drops of either juice into a mug of warm water is advisable first thing in the morning to kick start your day and digestive system. Perfick 🙂


Due to their highly acidic nature, they’re primed for helping to fight infections, like nature’s little warriors. They contain flavonoids which are thought to fight off fungi and have antiseptic properties. So, a little juice when you’re feeling under the weather, particularly with colds and sore throats, can help your body to start fighting off harmful microbes.

Immune System
Not only do they have antiseptic properties, but the high levels of vitamin C  in lemons and limes can help to improve your immune system, so hopefully you won’t catch as many viruses and infections to begin with – result!
Lemon and Lime juice also have possible links with helping to prevent certain types of cancer and with helping to destroy fungal infections such as Candida. But even if their benefit is purely as mentioned above, they’ve got to be worth a try, haven’t they?
I’ve been squeezing half a lime into my water twice a day – once first thing and then again at  lunchtime. It’s so refreshing! And great to know that it’s hopefully helping to clean out my system too, so far better than any fruit juice or soda option you may be reaching for.
Would love to hear if you’ve found other benefits of lemon and lime juice, or if you’re using it daily yourself – let me know 🙂

5 thoughts on “Citrus Saviours

  1. Reblogged this on My Candida Adventure and commented:
    Ooh! I love the suggestion of having the juice in a mug of hot water in the morning! I’m gonna try that, thanks. It’s good to know the benefits of them too as I didn’t know until now.

    1. I’m sipping my hot lemon water as I write this! It’s also great for Candida too (I’m a fellow sufferer) so hope it helps you too 🙂

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